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Just some math of interest, i hope, and to reinforce what u say:

The present value of a constant growth perpetuity = CF_1/( r -- g). [next period's cash flow, divided by "cost" of capital minus growth rate; eg. see here: https://financeformulas.net/Present_Value_of_Growing_Perpetuity.html].

You can see how stagflation, and/or a high cost non-zero covid future which you speak of, doubly HURT present value: higher "r" and lower "g" is a denominator exploder.

Also, re your concern "all make it extremely hard, if not outright impossible, to eliminate with our current technologies..." You might be heartened slightly by imbibing Bette Korber's (Los Alamos HIV researcher) video on RNA mosaic vaccine tech : https://youtu.be/oHvrDiGZVcM

(for a quick absorption watch from 37:40 on, then go back and watch the whole from the beginning). An in-silico mosaic vaccine, mixing a melange of RNA codes is possible.

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